Book review: The Secret Diary of a Princess

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The Secret Diary of a Princess: a novel of Marie Antoinette by Melanie Clegg   What really makes this book stand out is the fact it is about Marie Antoinette BEFORE she arrives in France to become Queen, and unfortunately we know how that ends […]

Anne O’Brien Best Reads

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I’m going to say it, Anne O’Brien is probably one of my favourite authors. There. Although I know she has a number of books that are more romantical than historical, so I’m sticking to a few of my favourite books she has written, in fact a […]

Richard LionHeart Book Reviews

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A brief intro to the man himself… Richard the Lionheart Richard was the third son of King Henry II of England and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (my favourite!). His older brothers, sadly, died before they could become King – a bit of a shocker as […]

Book Review: Girl on the Golden Coin

Book Review: Girl on the Golden Coin

Girl on the Golden Coin: A Novel of Frances Stuart by Marci Jefferson This book follows a true beauty by the name of Frances Stuart during the time of Charles II and the famous “Sun King”, Louis XIV in his French court. She was known for being one […]

Viking Best Reads

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Medieval History, vikings and invasions! When you hear the word “Vikings” it might summon images of burly men running across beaches, post-invasion, fur coats… pretty much Game Of Thrones a long time in the past. Well, to be completely honest, it was a pretty messy […]