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I’m Hannah (Ranrah). I’m a twenty-something living in Birmingham city centre. I work as an eLearning Designer, trying to teach people different things relating to their job whilst making it look beautiful. I could bore you with my love of fonts. Design is a big part of my life, I want to live and work with beautiful things.

At University, aside from paddling pools full of punch… I studied History, so books are my equivalent of cake.

Otherwise, you will find me either with gladiator sandals on exploring a new country, with a glass of wine in my hand giggling in a bar, curled up on a sofa with a bunny on my lap, reading a historical romance novel trying to look fancy or… with a paintbrush in my hand painting away with music blasting out! Plus, I have a super weird tendency to do spontaneous hand gestures. From little subconscious wiggles to full-blown hand craziness.

I started blogging when I lived in Sweden and since then I have decided to blog about all things I enjoy. Books, bunny, Birmingham and bumbling!

Welcome to this website. Pleased to meet you.