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Be prepared… this is not a book review!!

This year I have made some pretty big changes in my life. I’ve moved to a flat on my own and I wanted to reinvent my working life too as I was finding myself doing less and less of what I love.

I’m not a very showy person, so this is kinda huge, but I have decided to make the massive move to start my own company! It’s still early days and I’m still finding out how to run a company… but its a challenge I love. I have been working with my friend on logos and business cards which I can share for the first time now!! The aim is to make really creative and quality online training for the education sector (with sprinkles on top). I’m still juggling my old job as this will always have a firm place in my heart, but this new venture will hopefully be my career for many years to come.

So, introducing…. CloudTeach

CloudTeach Logo RGB 2084


cloudteach business cards

If anyone has any advice for a novice like me – please do share! I’m still brand new and excited right now, which I know might change when I go on this journey! ha!

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