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30 before 30

30 before 30

My 30 before 30 list.

I heard this great idea from a friend that before you turn 30 you should complete a list of 30 things that you have always wanted to do. 30 sometimes scares me, so, I have a couple of years to try and be brave. The Business Insider listed 30 experiences you should do before you’re 30  and I was happily surprised on how many I had done already.

But… to fill my time between now and thirtydom I decided to make my own list, and here it is:

  1. Set-up my own home office space.
  2. Travel further afield than Europe (Bolivia, Costa Rica, Bali and Cambodia are all on my list!).
  3. Paint more often.
  4. Go to Disneyland.
  5. Read 30 books.
  6. Get a tattoo.
  7. Ride my bike over 3 miles.
  8. Get a hobby. (Maybe trying rock climbing again or try skiing for the first time!)
  9. Do something for charity.
  10. See at least 3 shows/gigs/plays just buy more tickets in general!
  11. Go on a Road Trip somewhere.
  12. Learn a new skill. (Cooking related or learn some better dance moves ha ha.)
  13. Print out photos and make scrapbooks.
  14. Donate a bag of unwanted stuff.
  15. Learn a full song on the piano.
  16. Cook a roast dinner from scratch and then host a Sunday lunch.
  17. Have dinner at a new place.
  18. Go for a long walk.
  19. Speak in front of a crowd because it makes me nervous and I want to overcome a fear (a work do, a talk, a presentation even a quick introduction… something).
  20. Make an animated GIF.
  21. Go to a fancy dress party.
  22. Buy glasses and wear them. (My eyes hurt when looking at a screen too long and it’s silly.) 
  23. Learn to drive!!!
  24. Go to the zoo.
  25. Do something mad… zip-lining, paragliding, something! 
  26. See friends I have not seen in too long.
  27. Don’t forget that you have a savings account and actually save some money!!
  28. Do something brave (I know what this is, but even saying it scares me… so I’m going to do it).
  29. Complete a 30-day challenge. I’m thinking of yoga for 30 days.
  30. Visit somewhere historical, because I’d love it.

April – 3 completed 🙂 

May – 2 more completed 🙂 

June – I moved house, so 2 completed so far. 

July – 3 more crossed off! 

August – Wasn’t so good, did nothing apart from paint and finish a book 😛 

September – 3 big ones crossed off! Including going to Canada 🙂

November – 2 completed. 

December – 1 completed. 

January – new year, strong start. 0 completed (eep)! 

February – finally completed my book challenge and complete 3 more along the way, 4 in total! 

March – Biggest achievement ever. Only technically 1 completed, but I think it was the hardest for me! 

April – Date days/nights going strong. 2 completed, 1 booked so it counts! 

May – BIRTHDAY MONTH. 24/30 completed, 6 left. 

So what didn’t I do…

  1. Paint more often.
  2. Go to Disneyland.
  3. Ride my bike over 3 miles.
  4. Learn a full song on the piano.
  5. Learn to drive!!!
  6. Complete a 30-day challenge. I’m thinking of yoga for 30 days.

So, number 2 and 5 were big ones so I’m not too bothered I didn’t complete these!

However, I should have completed numbers 1, 3 and 4 with ease, but I didn’t. I will aim to do more painting, cycling and playing the piano as a 30-year old. Plus, I’ve already been cycling once!

Number 6 was an interesting one because I did take up climbing, attended more networking events, went to a chiropractor for a bit, begun to sing in front of people (a fear of mine) and have been in counselling for 7 months. These things are big personal achievements for me but don’t really meet the “30-day challenge” idea.

I am now 30, so here’s to some more things to complete!


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