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Travelling Bunny

Travelling Bunny

Travel Tips for Bunnies!

One thing that often surprises me about Starsky is her ability to travel! From a young age, I could pop her in her travel case (the blue box of fun!) and away we go. Normally, rabbits are very nervous travelers. So please don’t be surprised if your experience differs to mine in a large way! However, I have learnt 3 things from travelling with Starsky I wanted to share:

01: Always have hay and water. 

Starsky is meant to eat hay, all day, every day and so it’s super important she is surrounded by the stuff when she travels. She sometimes likes a little snooze on it, but if she’s peckish, hay will relax her and make her feel like she’s not travelling! Plus, I always provide her water during journeys. Fussy pants has recently started turning her nose up at water bottles (greaaaaat) and so she now enjoys water from a metal bowl. It literally seems to be the only thing she’ll choose to drink from. Well, unless she’s chucking it about!


02: Keep cool.

In the temperature sense and the emotional sense. 

Rabbits can be easily panicked, so no sudden movements or big jolts helps!! Plus, if she’s too hot she lets me know! I always keep air-con on in the car or make sure she’s not in direct sunlight etc.


03: Rewards. 

After a long car journey I always try and plan for Starsky to have a massive runabout with fresh food and water the moment we arrive. It’s good to stretch her legs and it allows her to feel at home straight away. I have a flat-pack run she can use for outdoors and a flat-pack hutch I can erect (sniggers) when I arrive at my destination. It’s her holiday too. Fresh fruit for everyone! (In small quantities!)


Happy travels!

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