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Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you (only an hour out of Birmingham) the Malvern Hills…





I also took my new camera lens out for a test drive, one which has a crazzzzyyyy good zoom. Cue trying to focus on random things in the distance.

Apart from the initial 20 minutes, where I realised my legs have not done any hill walking for a while (!!) it takes about an hour to get up and down one of the hills!

The great things about this walk are:

  1. You can reach the hills via public transport, Great Malvern train station (train direct from Birmingham New street) only takes an hour and it’s 5 minutes from the bottom of the hill. Plus, it only costs roughly £7 return!
  2. There are a load of country pubs in Malvern that can inspire you to keep walking 😉
  3. The walk can be as short or long as you like, depending on how many ‘peaks’ you want to reach. We did three (two and a half) and that was awesome.
  4. The paths are pretty well defined so you don’t feel like you would ever get lost!
  5. Views, views and more views.





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