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My bunny must-haves

My bunny must-haves

Because, obviously a castle is number one on the list….

So this totally adorable picture does have a reason because it is part of the growing list of thing I have bought for Starsky over the years to keep her entertained, safe and spoilt!! So, I decided to make a list of the things I would recommend to buy a little outdoor, urban bunny. (Obviously excluding food and water) The basics are; a hutch, somewhere to hide, toys/ ‘boredom breakers’, a water bottle or bowl and a food bowl.

But here are my top five favourites – in no particular order – of items for one happy bunny:

Naturals: Trio of Fun Balls

Roughly £3 (Pets at Home)

Hilarious name, I gave it three stars as Starsky point blank refuses to engage with the 3rd ball (the completed wooden one) but the other two are a big hit! 2 out of 3: 3 stars!

toy 1

Rosewood: Pop up tent for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Roughly £4 (Waitrose, Pets at Home)

My one does not have the little window you see in the picture below, but nevertheless, Starsky is obsessed with this tent. It was originally bought as a bit of a novelty but now I replace it every year and add on tunnels and she goes mad for it! Her favourite bit is jumping in, knocking it over and then popping her head up. Entertainment value : 5 stars!

toy 2 tent

Rosewood: Animal Pod Carrier – Large

Roughly £8 (Argos, Petplanet)

Definitely ensure this is the large carrier, the other two are too small for rabbits! This has been the best buy ever. Not only does she really relax travelling in it but it doubles up as her ‘toilet’ when she is indoors. She loves sleeping in it, pooing in it and apart from the little nibble it has survived 4 years! Best buy: 5 stars!


toy 3 rosewood travel

p.s. three pictures to prove we have one happy bunny customer:

travel case collage

Ceramic carrot shaped bowl

Roughly £5 (Amazon)

If you are going to buy a food bowl, I really recommend going for ceramic. We did have a plastic bowl but Starsky decided to eat most of it so I bought this one and it has lasted really well. Plus, it is adorable! Everyday use: 4 stars!

toy 4 ceramic bowl

Woodlands: Seagrass Rabbit Hideaway

Roughly £10 (Pets at home, Petplanet)

Last but not least, I bought this hideaway/ hunt as she really loved her outdoor hideaway so much. It fits into the hutch as its a really decent size and she used to sleep it in all cosy. Only problem was, she decided to do her own renovations and ate 3 of the walls completely… then it caved in! Completely destroyed, but completely loved: 4 stars!

toy 5 seagrass

And those are my top five! If you have any other ones, let me know. I will also add in a later blog post some of the ones I wouldn’t recommend.

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