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The first post

The first post

Meet the star of the show. This is Starsky. And this blog in intended to be a bit of jumble of things I enjoy, with her being the SUPER top of the list.

So, the introductions: Stasrky is a dutch rabbit, she is 4 years old now (2016) weighing a TINY 1.8kg as dutch rabbits tend to be slightly smaller than their English relatives. She loves eating pellets, grass, sleeping, having a bath, pooing, running, having cuddles, sitting on carpets, nibbling on headphones, being outside, licking stranger’s knees and she has free reign of my flat which means I quite often have her little face in my face trying to snatch popcorn from my mouth! (Please note: She has not succeeded yet!)

I have recently moved to Birmingham city centre and as a result, little miss has come with me and now enjoys urban living! I am no expert, but I am ridiculously obsessed with Starsky so I am sharing how I care for her along with other snippets.


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