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Bunny Brunch

Bunny Brunch

One of the things I google most often is “Can my rabbit eat [insert food]?”

Most of the time whilst holding said food in my hands with a bunny gazing at me…

But it is super duper important to know what she can/ can’t eat. Especially when I think she would eat most of my food if she could! (When I had a friend over the other day, she grabbed her pizza takeaway box and dragged it across the floor to get at a Margherita pizza!)

I’m no expert, but the essentials¬†are; LOTS OF HAY, a handful of bunny pellets (not bunny muesli) and fresh water EVERY DAY.

For other food, here is a quick run-down of the basics:


And otherwise, bunny treats (such as those treat sticks) should only be given in small doses.

Ta da!

*Small sub-note… I’m a designer, so the need to make line icon fruit and vegetables made me excited.

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